Hi, I’m Willie Sy.

I’m a father, software developer, and a business owner. I lived in Miami, FL for 13 years and moved back to the Philippines in 2013. I like programming and I like having my own business. I value my time and my family hence I work from home so I can spend time with them. For all the Filipinos abroad that value country and family, it is possible to create a life of fulfillment. I am a proof because I have done it. In this advocacy I want to pursue, I hope to become an inspiration for others to take action. Read my full story.


To build the nation with creative ideas for it to prosper

A vision is something to aspire for. I hope to see our motherland prosper where Filipinos do not need to go abroad just to find work. Where each Filipino develop a sense of pride and love of the country.


To help bring Filipinos home by helping them create an online business and inspire others to do the same

There are a lot of ways to reach what we envisioned our life to be. If the only reason for Filipinos to go abroad is financial, then it would be possible to bring them by giving them an option to create their own online business.


  1. To bring Filipinos back home one at a time even before retirement age and help the Philippines prosper
  2. To have a “bayahanihan” spirit within the community (if you are good at something, share it)
  3. To share and execute online business ideas