Why BalikPinas.net?

In creating this blog, I thought of possible domains that I could use to reflect my interest and what I want to do. I wanted to share to Filipinos what I learned as a business owner having an online business that eventually became my ticket in going back to the Philippines.

What Filipino word that would describe it beautifully? There is no other than the word “balik” which means to return or go back. We hear it commonly used with “balikbayan” which describes a Filipino who came from abroad and now is back or visiting the Philippines. However, given that it is a very common word, balikbayan.com and balikbayan.net domains are already taken. Domains are like a property. If it has been bought already, you cannot use it anymore unless you buy it from the owner.

Do I really need a .com or a .net domain? Why not balikbayan.info given that it is available? Well, .com and .net domains are usually the popular ones. So if you get them, it will be easy to remember.

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