Online Bayanihan

“Bayanihan is a traditional system of mutual assistance in which the members of a community work together to accomplish a difficult task. It is also a spirit of civic unity and cooperation among Filipinos”.    –Oxford Dictionary

Each member helps one another for a common goal where each member cannot do on their own. This Filipino trait has existed for a long time in Philippine culture. We see images of Filipinos helping one another move a house from one place to another.  In times of calamities, we see Filipinos volunteering or donating with whatever they can to those affected. For those abroad, Filipinos are happy to see and help newly-arrived Filipinos get accustomed to a foreign land.  No matter where the Filipinos may be, we can always see the spirit of bayanihan alive.


A Difficult Task–Making Philippines Great

Most Filipinos, if not all, want to see Philippines become a first world country. When we see, read or visit other first world countries, how we wish Philippines is like those countries. Life would have been better if I am in these progressive countries than where I am.

Filipinos who work abroad are well regarded in those countries for what they do and contribute to society. Don’t you feel it ironic that we can help other countries but not the Philippines? We complain for a lot of things but don’t want to do anything to help our country. We get envious for family, friend or neighbor who found financial success but we don’t want to work hard for ourselves.  

It does not have to be this way. We can win together. Instead of complaining, why don’t we contribute and help whatever we can. Instead of getting envious, why can’t we be happy for them and let us strive to reach what they have accomplished? For those who found success, why not offer a helping hand for those in need so both can be successful? Any business especially online is very vast that each one can succeed without putting down anyone.

If we can make the Philippines great with a lot of opportunities for Filipinos, working abroad will just be an option and not a necessity. We will be able see more families together rather than separated.

Adapting Bayanihan in the Information Age

How can we adapt bayanihan in the online world? In this time of the information age, internet has proliferated everywhere. Now we are not limited to our physical location to practice the spirit of bayanihan. We can help one another wherever we are.

Instead of talking about gossips in social media, let us talk about tips on creating online businesses. Instead of watching teleserye, let us watch videos of successful people and learn from them.

Building Relationships

For those Filipino entrepreneurs that found success creating online businesses, let us band together and help other Filipinos in their quest to create their own online business.  Let us share our knowledge and experience and reach more Filipinos especially online.

You might ask, “What is in it for me?” The answer is nothing.  If we help one another without thinking of what we will get in return we will be able to be successful and achieve our common goals. Is this not bayanihan is all about? In helping others succeed, you somehow help yourself succeed. When every Filipino succeeds, the country will succeed.

Doing everything on our own will not move the Philippines to prosperity. Bayanihan among Filipinos is the only way we can achieve this difficult task. We need teamwork, innovation, and action to make Philippines great!

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