Why BalikPinas.net?

In creating this blog, I thought of possible domains that I could use to reflect my interest and what I want to do. I wanted to share to Filipinos what I learned as a business owner having an online business that eventually became my ticket in going back to the Philippines.

What Filipino word that would describe it beautifully? There is no other than the word “balik” which means to return or go back. We hear it commonly used with “balikbayan” which describes a Filipino who came from abroad and now is back or visiting the Philippines. However, given that it is a very common word, balikbayan.com and balikbayan.net domains are already taken. Domains are like a property. If it has been bought already, you cannot use it anymore unless you buy it from the owner.

Do I really need a .com or a .net domain? Why not balikbayan.info given that it is available? Well, .com and .net domains are usually the popular ones. So if you get them, it will be easy to remember.


The Second Word

After the first word, I needed a second word to complete it. Since I wanted to create a website to help Filipinos create a business, I thought of the word “negosyo” which means business—BalikNegosyo. The term was alright and the domain is available. However, as the type of person who wants to choose from 2-3 options before making a decision, I needed to think of other possible alternatives.

Another word I thought of is Pilipinas—BalikPilipinas. It looks like a good fit given that I really went back to the Philippines. The domains .com and .net are available as well. However, I feel like the word is too long for a domain. (Tip: Keep it short and simple, unless a long one is really necessary)

I usually brainstorm things like this with my wife and we came up with a third option. Why not a shortened version of Pilipinas? Pinas is a commonly used word and used as a shortened version of Pilipinas. Hence, balikpinas was born. I went back online and checked the domain. Unfortunately, balikpinas.com was already taken and is being sold for $3495! I don’t have that money to spend for something that may not work and for something that only costs $14.99/year to register.

It is a common practice in the industry for companies to buy domains and resell it for the highest bidder in the future to gain profit. There are laws protecting existing companies for unscrupulous sellers who register a domain that they have really no intention of keeping. However, for words with no trademarks, anyone can register and own it.

Our site now has a name

The next step was to check for balikpinas.net. And as you might already guess given that you are in this site, we hit a jackpot!

Even if we think we have settled for the ONE, my wife and I have the attitude to think of others that may still be possible. We normally let the decision settle for a few days/nights before we finally take the step of registering it. We try to sleep over it hoping that there may be some thought or idea that may come better than what we have. This is true for a lot of things whenever we decide on something. (Tip: Be patient, the right domain will come to you naturally)

Finding a right domain for you requires creative thinking. If you hit a challenge along the way, you just have to think some more. You will be surprise how it will turn out in the end.

On July 12, 2017, balikpinas.net was registered. Thinking about this more, aside from the obvious meaning of “returning or going back to the Philippines”, it has occurred to me that it has a deeper meaning. BalikPinas came to mean as a way of “giving back” to our country the Philippines. Whatever we accomplish as Filipinos, be it big or small, famous or unknown, abroad or locally, we are actually some way giving back to the Philippines. Without it, we would not have our identity. It is an honor to be a Filipino.


While sleeping over balikpinas.net, my wife thought of back2pinas.com. However, we scrapped the idea given that we need to give a follow up explanation on how to spell it every time we give out our domain. Tip: Don’t get a domain that you still need to explain how to spell it.

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